Zodiac by Rosa Shipley 

From July 23 to August 22nd, the sun roars into fiery Leo. Here, we move from water to fire. This time of year is the apex of the summer. The total ascent, the hottest afternoons, the latest parties. This part of the year feels like air-drying after you get out of the ocean, shaking the salt out of your hair.


Though the energy is high this month, Leo season’s astrology is somewhat mellow. The July 28th new moon in Leo kicks off a fresh cycle that invites us to look forward to the next season with confidence. On August 11th, we have a full moon in Aquarius—a moment to evaluate where this summer has brought us on both collective and individual levels. Also on August 11, Venus enters Leo—this is a moment where love feels bold and proud.


Food vibes this season are about arriving exactly where we are: in the hot heat! Use hydrating watermelon and cucumber to cool down. Eat seaweed and replenish your salt. Cook over a fire as much as possible.

This Scorpio season your ability to change is getting pushed to the limit. The planet of daring and action, Mars, is back in his home sign of Scorpio and he’s feeling spicy. Mars is the planetary ruler of the sign Scorpio; this stationing is like a warrior returning home to a well-stocked armory. There’s a delicate balance between pushing the limits and pushing boundaries. With a lunar eclipse—a force of dramatic, yet gradual change that you can look back on as turning points—capping things off at the end of the season, it’s all about knowing when to step into your power and when to step back out of it. The sun’s journey through the more-pressurized-than-usual depths of Scorpio this season sets the stage for re-evaluating your relationships this winter. 

Zodiac by Rosa Shipley 

Welcome, Cancer season :) From June 21 – July 22, the season focuses on washing off the intensity of Gemini’s hot, activating sun with some salty, cleansing water. While the summer thus far has brought out an energized social current, this moment is more about digging into these relationships, zooming in, watching the summer light come through the window, and chatting late into the night.

We find this stretch nest-based, meaning it’s close to our homes and those we love. We get a new moon June 28th, inviting us to refresh and re-center. This is the part of summer that feels comforting and calmer. July 5-19, Mercury floats into Cancer, and we find that more intimate communication feels more accessible. Pay attention to what you write down – our memories are particularly vivid during this stretch too.

Food vibes this season are all about presence and longevity. Feed those summer days that demand a romantic sleepiness, and the nights that feel revitalizing. Let coffee flow into wine. Watch a peach ripen on the table for a day, and eat it right before it goes fully soft. Chill your berries until they’re almost frozen, and make sure you eat them outside. Match the beach’s intensity with your own: salt and vinegar chips.

March 21 - April 19

As a fire sign, you’ll click with the moment with ease. It’s easy to get a little overcharged with so much solar power, so make sure to remember to balance out your levels. Pace yourself, and embrace that rowdiness that the sun brings out in you.

It’s hot out! Though you usually like to be out in the world, you’ll find some pull to your home sphere. Perhaps besotted with a particular daydream. You also have Mars moving out of your home sign, so you might find yourself a little more watery than fire-y. Enjoy that shift, and let the tide roll in.

May 21 - June 20

Take care of things entrusted to you and clean up your own messes.

Though the end to your own season might feel a little abrupt, the season’s new moon on June 28th will be a nice moment to start fresh. You’ll feel an influx of powerful post-birthday charisma as Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, decides to luxuriate with you until July 17.

Time has been flying, and you’ve been moving quickly with it. You’re an air sign, which means that you can carry the current of a fiery season without burning out. Move lightly through these long summer nights, saying what you feel moved to say. Optimism may be more available.

April 20 - May 20

Cancer season was busy for you, a wave of change and shifting. Let Leo season be a celebration of all that you’ve accomplished and provided for yourself. In quiet moments, you may feel overwhelmed. Remember that you’ve worked beautifully hard.

June 21 - July 22

It’s your moment, sweet Cancer! This is the time where people give back to you what you’ve been doling out—a phenomenon which will land mostly in a warm embrace, but at moments will feel a bit intense. Do things slowly, and make sure to take moments alone to have conversations with yourself about the landscape of your season.


Still, the planets are flowing for you and your sign is prominent in the sky. Not only do you get a new moon to bask under on June 28, but also Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your sign from July 5-19. The stars are *actually* aligning to boost you. Catch rays from the moon.

All the heat of this season may feel destabilizing after your watery stretch, but trust that you’ll stay cool through it all. When Leo moves into Venus on August 11th, you’ll find a boost of post-birthday confidence. Let yourself feel the love.

July 23 - August 22

This season, as you anticipate your moment, you’ll find yourself alternating between work and rest. You also might find yourself a little more esoteric and contemplative. The pace will quicken soon enough, so use this time to work quietly and tread lighter if you need to.

!!!!Yay! It’s your time! Soak up the love! Soak up the Sun! Here is the pace, the levity, and the temperature that you wait for all year long. This month, you’ll feel some sense of arrival.


You’ve got a chance to bathe under the moonlight on July 28th, when the new moon is in your sign. What in your life do you want to catch movement? Expect an extra dose of love starting August 11th, when Venus moves into your sign. With a cup this full, don’t forget to make a toast.

August 23 - September 22

Keep an eye out for connections this season, as links between work and community will be more available to you. Through the summer fireworks, which people make you feel lit up? Notice them, and enjoy.

This season might activate your sense of responsibility in a way that doesn’t serve you. You may sense a little mess around you. Remember that it’s not your job to clean it up. Instead, start dreaming up the seeds you want to plant next season, when your birthday comes with the potential for harvest.

September 23 - October 21

You are revved up! This is a moment of career ambition for you and plans are solidifying into a fresh reality. Catch yourself if you find that you’re over-tending to others – this is a moment of action for you, so let yourself be the internal focal point.

You’ll feel activated this season in a social realm. Simply enjoy it! After a bit of a push through some internal chaos at the end of Cancer season, you deserve to float your way through toasty Leo season with ease.

October 22 - November 21

You’ll find less shadow this season, and some answers you’ve been looking for will become clearer in this moment’s light. On the new moon on July 28th, take stock of what has appeared out of the unknown, and celebrate it.

This season, you’ll find yourself thrust into new pursuits, predicaments, and adventures. It may get a little uncomfortable, but you’re being asked to be ready and enjoy. Take a look around and see how the world has grown to meet you.

November 22 - December 21

While the end of Cancer season had you looking inward, this month your sights are set on the road ahead. Confidence feels more available. With this energy fueling you, use the August 11th moon in Aquarius as a thoughtful moment to reflect on your path as an individual.

This Cancer season asks you to dig your feet in the sand, let the tides wash up and over you, and then recede. You might feel pulled in different directions, unsure of exactly what you want and need from some close relationships. Witness this as much as you can without expectation or  judgment.

December 22 - January 19

Now that the full moon in Capricorn on July 13 has passed, the boundaries you may have needed to structure your life are clear. This season is about being proud enough of that work to fill in the framework. Time to locate joy, and let go of what you need to.

Though the vibe is a little softer this season, you’ll find structure in the more grounded parts of your life. You’ll find clarity and growth in partnership and finances. Notice who might be trying to collaborate with you and spend extra energy on your one-on-one relationships.

January 20 - February 18

You may have been feeling a little stunted or off-kilter, unmoored in wavy Cancer tides. The full moon in your sign on August 11th invites a rush of clarity and confidence. Write down what you learn, and hold it close.

Suddenly, you can ride a wave of focus. Below the layer of what the social moment demands from you, you’ll find some profound determination to get things done. There will be some fantastical summer days and nights for you at the beginning of July.

February 19 - March 20

This season, you feel more buoyant. While still dreamy, you might have more energy to hold up those around you who are overwhelmed. Show them how light things really can be.

You’re no stranger to a watery season, but this one carries catharsis in a way that has potential to feel welcome. The best thing you can do is concentrate whatever emotional and creative energy you’ve put into a project, piece, or souvenir. Notice what makes you feel lighter, and stick with it.

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